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Initial consultation

This first meeting is one way for you to become familiar with us and the work we do.  We’ll discuss your priorities along with your budget, design, and building schedule.  Together we’ll determine whether we’re the right contractor for your project and learn how we can best serve as a part of your team. 

Construction planning

Once you’ve become familiar with us and are ready to begin setting up your project, we can start pre-construction planning based on whatever stage you’re at.  We’re happy to work with your architect or designer if you’ve already acquired construction drawings for your project, and we’ll generate a construction quote for a fee that can be credited toward your total building costs.  If you haven’t yet chosen an architect, we offer basic design services, or we can help you find the right designer from our extensive network of architects. 

When you’re ready to proceed with a detailed construction plan, we’ll discuss what kind of contract is best-suited for you.  We can draft either a fixed-price contract with a guaranteed cost, or we can offer you a cost-plus contract based on whatever materials, fixtures, and finishes you choose. We’ll also discuss the appropriate construction methods for your project, whether they call for wood, steel, masonry, or other building materials, as well as certain green building practices like LEED-R or Earthcraft House certification.  Every issue, whether it involves your budget, design priorities, scheduling needs, or any other matter, will be addressed and completely resolved before construction begins. Your contract will also include a detailed, realistic construction schedule and a timetable for choosing finish products, fixtures, and appliances.