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Why GO Green?
Green homes are energy efficient, more comfortable, they have high indoor air quality, they are durable and environmentally responsible. Going Green pays for itself.

Energy Efficient
With the increasingly high cost of energy, the investment of going Green pays for itself. Using less energy will continue to save the homeowner money. As energy costs continue to rise, the savings will be even greater.

Indoor Air Quality and Comfort
Green homes are more comfortable and have better indoor air quality. Temperatures are more consistent throughout the house. Humidity is lower. The interior of the house is quieter and free of allergy causing molds and dust.

Green Homes use the latest technologies in building construction methods and materials. Insulation, flashing, caulking, sealing, exterior and interior finishes all combine to create a durable, comfortable, energy efficient home. All built to specifications that exceed the minumum requirements of local building codes.

Environmentally Responsible
Resource efficient building methods, the latest in engineered materials, extensive recycling and a sensitivity to the building site and surrounding community, add to the environmentally responsible aspect of the home and the process of its creation.